Results day is one of the most stressful days in any student’s life, no matter how experienced they are or which exams they are awaiting results for.

As students receive their exam grades, we look into how the completion of exams and results day is celebrated around the globe.

Family party

With more students not going on to higher education than those who do, many celebrate achieving their high school leaving certificate as the pivotal academic achievement before embarking on the world of employment going to university. To mark this achievement, family members often travel from across the country to celebrate with them at a house or garden party.


Meal out

One of the most popular ways to celebrate exam results in Europe is for students is to meet up with friends and go out for a meal before going their separate ways to start the next phase in their lives.

Some restaurant chains have even started offering free meals to those celebrating their exam results. In 2016, Nandos in the UK, offered A-level students free chicken as a reward for their hard work if they turned up with ID and their results.


Trip to the beach

For those living in sunnier and hotter climates, such as Australia or California, the beach is proving to be the place to be. You’ll find many a student with their friends, a disposable barbecue, and some beers (age dependent) celebrating their exam results. Subject to beach regulations you could see some very sleepy students crawling out of their tents after a night underneath the stars.



China’s national higher education entrance examination, the Gaokao, is one of the hardest high school leaver exams in the world. Traditionally, academic pressure is high, so when students get their results, they celebrate big. One of the most common forms of celebration is for students to receive a monetary gift from their parents to help towards their future. Depending on how well they did, or how wealthy their family is, some students have been known to receive a car or a down payment on a house.

Letting loose

Students of the prestigious Oxbridge Universities in the UK honour their own unique traditions for celebrating the end of exam periods.

The crassly named ‘Suicide Sunday’ at the end of the summer term at the University of Cambridge sees hundreds of students paddle through the River Cam on boats made out of cardboard. Many of the vessels sink as soon as the race starts.

Oxford University students meanwhile celebrate exams in a relatively new tradition known as ‘trashing’. Students find themselves blasted with silly string and shaving foam by their friends as they leave the examination hall following their final exams, before hitting the town.

From hanging out with friends to spending time with family, we hope that your results day celebrations are full of fun and excitement before you start the next chapter of your life.