More than 100 million GCSE exam scripts are marked in the UK each summer, and in August more than 7 million students will receive the resulting grades.

We know that getting the right result is very important to students and teachers; and by ‘right result’ we don’t just mean getting the right number of marks or grade – it has to be an accurate reflection of a student’s ability too. This is the job of the examiner and awarding body. At RM Results we just facilitate the marking process for many of these exams through our e-marking software – RM Assessor.

To help make marking easier and as pleasant an experience as possible, we’ve come up with the below list of top tips for examiners, to make sure that you get the most out of RM Assessor.

  1. Familiarise yourself with RM Assessor’s features by reviewing the user guides.

We recommend you do this even if you are an RM Assessor veteran, as we are continually upgrading the system thanks to your feedback. You can access the user guides by contacting your awarding body or the helpdesk.

  1. Ensure that your computer meets the recommended specification to run RM Assessor.

You can check this via the Web Version System Requirements document (you can access this on the login screen). We also suggest you check if your internet bandwidth is sufficient to run RM Assessor, including when others in your household are using the internet on other devices. You can do this by visiting

  1. Free up memory space and process power by closing any unused apps or browser windows.

We also recommend you schedule any software updates to run at a time when you are not using your computer for marking.

  1. Download item groups before you start marking

You can do this by selecting the ‘Download to concurrent limit’ button. Once the item groups appear in your worklist, RM Assessor will start to download the scripts in the background.

  1. Make better use of screen space

Mark in Full-Screen mode by pressing F11 on your keyboard to maximise the usable screen area. Alternatively, you can use ‘Out of Browser’ mode. To set this up, navigate to the log-in screen for RM Assessor in your supported browser, select the link ‘Click to install non-browser version’. This places an icon on your desktop and/or Start menu, and you can launch RM Assessor directly from here. The number keypad can be used to enter marks within the marks entry box instead of the mouse.

We hope the above tips help make your marking session with RM Assessor the best one yet. If you get stuck or need any additional help, please contact your team leader, awarding body or helpdesk.