We’ve been busy adding a whole host of new features and functionality to RM Assessor, thanks to your feedback.

Back in 2015 we set up a user forum to find out what exam boards and examiners really thought of our interface and service. Following their feedback over the last year, we’ve revised and updated RM Assessor in our latest March release to help ensure a great e-marking user experience.

Recent enhancements include:

Enhanced password security

We’ve updated our password security measures to make them more personal for the awarding body’s needs. Now each exam board can define the Marker Password Expiry days for a marker, so if their security code of conduct insists on a password being updated every 60, 70, or 90 days RM Assessor will automatically require the user to reset their password accordingly.

Awarding body logo on login page

RM Assessor log-in screens now contain the awarding body’s logo, making it easier to differentiate each log-in page. Therefore if you’re an examiner or team leader for more than one exam board, you’ll be more easily able to tell which page you’re on.

Building on annotations

We’ve also made improvements to annotations by increasing flexibility within RM Assessor for unstructured scripts. This new option for markers allows the movement of annotations from any question item to the one currently selected. This allows for misplaced annotations to be corrected quickly.

Looking towards the future

These are just a few of the enhancements delivered with the latest release of RM Assessor. As we continue to listen to feedback from examiners and awarding bodies, we are already thinking about the next developments we can make with the next software release in September.

“Thanks to the great feedback we’ve had from the examiners, we’ve been able to improve the RM Assessor experience. By continuing our relationship with the examiners, we hope to ensure that our service remains at the forefront of the e-assessment industry.” James Spurgeon, Solutions Architect at RM Results.

At RM Results, we offer a personalised experience for every customer portal we create. To find out what other changes were made specifically to your portal, please contact your representative either at RM Results or at your awarding body.