Working on an IT help desk is a fast-paced job. When clients and end-users call in to log an issue, be it a glitch in the software or difficulties marking a component, chances are they are working to a deadline. This means that they are looking for a quick resolution, with a sympathetic ear – something we strive to provide at RM Results.

Working on an IT help desk can be an exciting and rewarding career. We caught up with members of our own helpdesk team to understand what it is they love about their job.

Our helpdesk team members are known as the unsung heroes of RM Results. They are the first people in the office in the morning, and the last to leave at night. After fourteen years with RM, Alyson Lucas moved to the helpdesk and has stayed in the team a further eight years and counting.

“I’ve gone from being an engineer on the phones, to working on improvement projects, filling in as acting team leader for a period, recruiting – and much more. The helpdesk is a very varied and interesting role; it’s one of the many reasons I love working within the team.”

It’s not only the work that has kept things entertaining for Alyson, it’s the people and how everyone is willing to help: “We’re a great team and get on well. We rely on each other, and at various times one of us will need support from another – and everyone is willing to give it. In all my time in RM, I think this is the best team I’ve been in.”


To help ensure that you receive an accurate resolution, and fast, we have helpdesk teams based in three different locations: Abingdon (picture above), Bellshill (current picture), and Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Everyone likes being part of a team that works well together, but you also have to believe in what you are doing to make you love your job. Luke Rostock is one of our newest members. He started off working for RM Results as a temporary staff member to help with the summer marking sessions before becoming a permanent member of the team.

“I think I speak for everyone on the helpdesk when I say we really do care about making our examiners’ experience as easy and stress-free as possible. Marking exams is one of those things that has such a huge impact on so many peoples’ lives: it can be the difference between a teenager progressing onto the next stage of their life, an accountant becoming fully qualified, or an international student proving that they have the foreign language skills required for a job.”

The one thing that they both agreed on, without a shadow of a doubt, is the best thing about working RM Results’ helpdesk is that they have a positive impact, be it through helping resolve an issue or making sure that exam results are delivered on time.

As Luke says: “For every pass that someone gets, I’ve helped get that grade to them – even if it’s just in some small way.”