Since 2007, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has delivered circa 600,000 exam results annually to future accountants, thanks to the support of onscreen marking software RM Assessor.

ACCA had a problem that needed solving. After conducting some market research, ACCA learned that both accountancy students and employers wanted increased assessment flexibility and for it to match their every-day working lives. In laymen’s terms, they wanted to be able to take their exams throughout the year, and on a computer.

ACCA set into motion a plan to increase the frequency of their F5-P7 exams (exams covering fundamentals of accountancy and professional skills) from two sessions a year to four, and to implement an end-to-end computer-based assessment format.

To enable ACCA to double their exam sessions, they needed to reduce the entire exam lifecycle from 26 weeks to just 13. A major part of this exam lifecycle is the scanning and marking of candidates’ scripts. RM Results worked closely with ACCA to reduce the time taken for scanning and marking from seven weeks to five, helping ACCA achieve their goal.

Download our case study to find out more on how ACCA doubled their exam capacity with RM Assessor.

Pictured, left to right: Colin Fisher, Customer Relationship Manager, RM Results; Joyce McIntyre, Head of Exam Improvement, ACCA