With the rise of onscreen marking, and the reduced need for marking centres, it is becoming commonplace for assessment team leaders to not have any face to face contact with their examiners. Now more than ever, it is the norm to have a team member in a different country to you.

There are many benefits to having a remote examiner team: you’re able to hire the best examiners regardless of where they live, you may be able to reduce overhead costs with no need for a physical marking centre, and the lack of commute means that many examiners find there is a better work/life balance.
However, there are challenges to managing a remote examiner team. How do you get all members to stay on target with their marking, whilst ensuring consistent high quality? How do you keep your team motivated to ensure that they will want to mark for you year-on-year?
To help you answer these questions and more, here are three simple tips on how to keep your remote examiner team happy, and maximize their potential.

Regular contact

It is important to have regular contact with your team of examiners, not only to make sure that they are on track with their marking targets, but to also ensure that they remain motivated through-out the marking period. Using tools or messenger apps such as WhatsApp or Skype, means that you can stay in contact with your team easier than ever before.

Introduce a few basic rules and your way of working

Remote marking allows examiners to be flexible with their hours, allowing them to mark papers at a time that suits them. For those looking to fit in marking around a day job, or other commitments, this can be an attractive draw.
However, it does mean that there is no set times for when an examiner can approach you as the team leader for help. Therefore, it is important to set clear boundaries to ensure that your free time is not encroached upon constantly. By letting your team know what hours you will be available or how quickly you will aim to respond to queries, they will be clear as to the support they can expect.

Tools for keeping track of work

If your awarding body pays based on scripts marked, via an hourly rate, or even a combination of both, it is important to track productivity. By doing so, not only will you be able to see if an examiner will be able to make their deadline, but you will also be able to see if he or she is eligible to download more scripts for marking.

We have included key features in RM Assessor³, from tracking how long someone takes to mark an exam to reviewing how many scripts they have downloaded. The option to assign seed scripts is also available, to provide quality assurance of marking.

For more information on RM Assessor³, including key features download our product brochure by clicking here.