• How to adapt to education without borders

    10th October 2017 | Reading time 2 minutes
    Three things awarding bodies can do to best assess ‘21st-century skills’ in a global world
  • Advancing human capital with assessments

    3rd October 2017 | Reading time 2 minutes
    James Redgate highlights the key points from E-ATP including how globalisation, the digital age and gamification are shaping the skills needed for the future workforce.
  • Global trends in EdTech spend

    26th September 2017 | Reading time 2 minutes
    We explore how advances in AI, big data, and IoT technologies help to improve operational excellence, helping drive education spend.
  • Is there still a place for paper in education?

    20th September 2017 | Reading time 2 minutes
    When it comes to learning and retention is digital better than paper? Or is there even any difference?
  • Sneak peek: RM Assessor³

    12th September 2017 | Reading time 1 minute
    Join us at E-ATP, from 27th – 29th September, for an exclusive preview of our latest product - RM Assessor³
  • What is Agile?

    5th September 2017 | Reading time 4 minutes
    Agile is a term used to describe approaches to software development emphasizing incremental delivery, collaboration and continual learning.
  • 8 questions awarding bodies are asking in preparation for T-Levels

    30th August 2017 | Reading time 5 minutes
    In this article, we attempt to answer questions awarding bodies and vocational institutes across the country are seeking to have answered about the new technical levels in the UK.
  • How students worldwide celebrate exam results

    22nd August 2017 | Reading time 2 minutes
    As students receive their grades, we look into how the completion of exams and results day is celebrated around the globe.
  • What social media can tell us about exam sentiment ahead of results day

    15th August 2017 | Reading time 2 minutes
    Following research into emoji and exams by Cambridge Assessment, we ask: is it possible to know what grade was given before results day?
  • Your guide to T-Levels

    8th August 2017 | Reading time 3 minutes
    A beginners guide to Chancellor Phillip Hammond's new vocational education plans.