This month, as the nights get darker and the leaves start to fall here in the UK, we’ve been celebrating and looking to the future.

We’re delighted to announce that RM Assessor³ has been shortlisted for the Best Information Experience award at this year’s UXUK Awards! We’re so proud of our team for their incredible work on this project.

On the 10th October, we hosted an event with the International Baccalaureate (IB) looking at the opportunities and challenges in digital assessment, 2020 and beyond. Held on the IB’s 50th anniversary month, the event saw 50 assessment specialists come together to discuss data and the potential for e-assessment to transform a student’s assessment experience.

At the beginning of the month, we announced the launch of Oxford University Press’s new on-screen English language test that was developed with the help of RM Results.

For those looking to transition to e-assessment, it is worth reading education writer Rosalind Letellier’s guide on how to build a business case for e-marking for tips on how to convince your team of its benefits.

Over the next month, look out for our exclusive report built on the thoughts shared at the 2020 and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges for Assessment in the Digital Age.

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