We invite you to join us this year at E-ATP for an exclusive sneak peek at our latest product: RM Assessor3

Building on the success of RM Assessor and Scoris, RM Assessor3 promises to deliver the reliable, high-quality e-marking system that our customers and users have come to expect, whilst bringing innovation to the forefront.

Join Senior Product Manager, Paul Metcalfe, at 3:15 pm on Thursday 28th September in the Panorama 7 room at EATP, for a walk-through of RM Assessor3 from conception to end, and how it can be adapted to suit each awarding body’s assessment needs.

“RM Assessor3 is helping us future-proof education assessment – its new user interface means that marking is more intuitive and efficient for all involved” ~ Paul Metcalfe, Senior Product Manager

Working closely with our examiner user group, RM Assessor3 has been designed with the user in mind. Updates to the product include a more user-friendly interface and new features that streamline marking so that the same assessment quality output is achieved more efficiently.

Initial feedback from early adopters already prove the success of these developments:

  • 94% of markers rated the overall experience of using RM Assessor3 as good or excellent
  • 95% surveyed said it increased overall efficiency of marking, and
  • 98% said that it was intuitive to use

RM Assessor3 is compatible with a larger range of devices, including iPads and Android tablets, alongside Apple Macs and Windows PCs, furthering our aim to enable examiners and awarding bodies to Mark Anything, Anywhere™.

“It’s a tool that allows you to view, comment and reflect on exam papers and your grading that gets as close as you can to consistency without on-site team marking ” ~ surveyed examiner

This year’s E-ATP conference is prime for us to showcase RM Assessor3 as the key theme is about advancing human capital with assessments. We know that testing plays a fundamental role in identifying knowledge gaps and answering critical questions, and as advancement in assessment challenges the norm, it is imperative that technology facilitates this progress.

As proud gold sponsors of E-ATP for another year, be sure to stop by our stand for a first-hand tour and exploration of RM Assessor3 to discover how we are helping challenge assessment and marking delivery norms.