“RM Results provides outsourced, e-marking services for the IB’s (International Baccalaureate) Diploma qualification. These services support our examination marking process from script scanning and indexing, through to e-marking across three languages via their RM Assessor software, and post-marking activities such as electronic return and collation of marks.

We currently use RM Assessor to mark paper-based examinations and electronically submitted e-coursework, however the IB also has imminent plans to begin e-marking audio and video exam submissions and candidate responses from computer-based examinations.

Partnering with RM Results to implement e-marking has been pivotal in enabling us to achieve the IB’s strategic objectives. We now have a much more robust quality model that facilitates the marking of one million on-screen Diploma scripts around the world each year.”

Carolyn Adams
Chief Assessment Officer, IB