Choose the RM Assessor integration option that is right for you

Whether you need a standalone e-marking solution or a more joined up approach to e-assessment, RM Assessor is available in a variety of integration and deployment options.

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RM Assessor as a standalone e-marking platform

  • Licence only model

    RM Assessor is available as a standalone e-marking platform that you are able to host yourself. This can be beneficial for those who prefer to control how the system is deployed, where it's hosted and how it's managed, and provide their own support and helpdesk services.

  • Integrate with your systems

    You can use the built-in interfaces to pass data to and from your own scanning provider and exam management systems. RM Assessor also exports reports and exam information via standard file formats for use in other systems.

  • Supported deployment

    With the licence only model, RM Results will provide technical support to your team during deployment. We'll provide you with a point of contact for product change requests, ongoing future developments and support for any product issues which require RM Results' intervention.

RM Assessor as Part of Your Assessment Process

  • Integrated

    RM Assessor can enable e-marking to be a fully integrated part of your organisation’s assessment process, while still being fully managed, hosted and supported by the experienced team at RM Results.

  • Range of services

    Alongside the RM Assessor platform, we are able to provide hosting, scanning and helpdesk facilities (along with many more flexible service options). We can also integrate the entire onscreen marking process into existing e-assessment or paper-based examination models.

  • Tailor-made

    Each e-marking service that we provide is 100% custom-made, so that we can ensure that it operates effectively with your systems and processes as part of your overall assessment strategy.

  • Exam lifecycle support

    You will be provided with full and on-going support for all areas of the e-marking process and you will have a service delivery manager allocated who will be dedicated to supporting you each exam session. They will travel any distance for regular face-to-face service level reviews.

  • Secure data transfer

    We use industry standard approaches to data exchange such as web services and encrypted feeds to enable data to be passed automatically to and from your own internal or other 3rd party systems, resulting in more efficient management of marking and more accurate results for your candidates.

  • Hosted and managed

    RM Assessor is provided as a complete solution, hosted by RM Results in our secure managed data centre facilities. We take care of managing the system, ensuring that it is available when you need it.

Bespoke integrated end-to-end e-assessment

  • Best of breed partners

    At RM Results we are proud to say that we are world leading experts when it comes to high stakes e-marking. Through our many years in education technology we have built an established international partner network of e-assessment providers that we trust as market leaders in other areas of e-assessment, such as authoring and e-testing.

  • The right partner

    We understand what it takes to provide an end-to end e-assessment solution and therefore we are in an excellent position to seek out the correct partners for you to provide an end-to-end solution. After holding a series of requirements meetings to fully understand your organisation’s needs, we can then offer the best solutions on the market.

  • Integration

    We take care of the integration of systems from different vendors by using our powerful integration engine. This enables e-assessment data to be automatically transferred between systems without manual data entry or potential loss of data. We would also be delighted to talk to you about how our integration services could be used with your existing e-assessment partners.

  • Joined up e-assessment

    Our flexible approach means we can offer the RM Assessor e-marking service as part of a best of breed e-assessment solution including authoring, delivery, marking and analysis. Our expertise across the entire exam lifecycle, as well as our extensive network of connections, our education heritage and understanding of the relevant markets globally are just a few of the reasons that organisations choose us to implement joined up e-assessment solutions.

  • Become a partner

    Interested in becoming a trusted RM Results operational partner? If you're a leader in your field we're interested in hearing from you. Click here for more information