RM Results e-marking services can be designed to meet the specific requirements of your exam lifecycle

Choose from a wide range of standard services, or speak to our team of highly skilled architects about custom services designed to support the specific requirements of your exam lifecyle.

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Transition Services

  • Proof of Concept

    It's essential that our products and services meet real, identified needs. Conducting a Proof of Concept project allows you to assess RM Assessor against defined success criteria before moving on to full development of the pilot stage.

  • Pilots

    A pilot stage delivers RM Assessor in a full production environment, complete and ready for a subset of your intended users to test it against your success criteria. During the pilot we ensure that we understand how RM Assessor will be used in your specific environment and whether any changes need to be made before the system is rolled out to your marking community.


  • Project Management

    Once your proof of concept and pilot projects have been completed successfully, your RM Results project manager will work closely with your organisation to manage your RM Assessor implementation from start to finish, using standard industry approaches such as PRINCE2.

  • Testing and Acceptance

    RM Assessor is rigorously tested, both in our own production environment and during the pilot and rollout stages. Our testing teams are made up of experienced individuals with industry leading domain knowledge who understand that safety and accuracy are paramount.

Data Integration

  • Business System Integration

    To ensure RM Assessor has all the student and exam information it needs from your existing systems, we've developed a web service interface to allow for easy, automated data exchange between systems.

  • Digital Assessment Integration

    In addition to marking scanned scripts, RM Assessor can also be used to mark the output of electronically delivered exams. Clients such as International Baccalaureate and Northern Ireland's Council for Curriculum Examinations & Assessment are currently using RM Assessor to mark electronic exams.


  • Scanning

    With our partners we scan over 190 million images a year. We have well established best practice procedures to ensure scanning is consistent, secure, and delivered for e-marking on schedule.

  • Indexing

    RM Assessor provides both auto-indexing and manual indexing to 100% accuracy. We use feeds to deliver candidate information to index against scanned scripts, or in the case of manual indexing, we can manually match scripts to candidates.

  • Data Capture

    RM Results has well established best practice procedures to ensure a consistent, high-quality image outcome for all customers. Using both optical mark reading and intelligent character reading, RM Assessor is able to capture a wide range of exam outputs.

  • Script Destruction

    All paper scripts are stored for six months before being destroyed via a routine, secure process conducted by our scanning partners.


  • On Premise Hosting

    Our flexible hosting models enable organisations to host RM Assessor in the way that works best for them. For some organisations, this means hosting RM Assessor on site. Our transition teams work with you to ensure that RM Assessor is fully integrated into your existing on premise IT infrastructure.

  • Security Management

    The integrity of each and every exam script is our top priority. With RM Assessor, information security processes are conducted according to ISO 27001 compliance requirements to ensure that all exam answers stay confidential and secure.

Session Management

  • Session Planning

    Our highly skilled exam lifecycle support team provides comprehensive session planning to ensure trouble free examination sessions where risks are well understood and mitigated. Our team are experts in this field and have established a set of industry leading best practice planning procedures over the years working with leading awarding bodies.

  • Session Monitoring and Reporting

    Having meaningful real time operational data is the key to successful exam operations management. You may want to track, for example, the availability of digital scripts for marking against the marking targets for each exam subject. RM Assessor makes available a comprehensive set of operational reports as standard and bespoke reporting can be developed on request.

  • Quality Checks

    As part of session management, we carry out a comprehensive set of manual and automated checks to flag any potential problems with image quality very early and to avoid delays in the marking process.

  • Exception Resolution

    RM Assessor includes a comprehensive set of support tools to allow administrators to proactively identify problem scripts and resolve problems with images prior to marking.

Training and Support

  • Marker Training

    RM Results provides comprehensive system training for all markers, regardless of e-marking or general computer experience. We provide a variety of training approaches including face to face, and online.

  • Exam Administration Training

    Exam administrators are trained to use the RM Assessor administration module so that they can quickly become proficient in administering the examination session.

  • Service Management

    Your service delivery manager will arrange to meet with you on a regular basis as part of a formal service management process. These meetings are used to plan sessions, discuss required product changes, and to review both progress in live sessions and reporting against SLAs in close session periods.

  • Training and Support

    Whether you are a marker or a member of an awarding body admin team you will need access to a highly effective support service if you come across any unexpected issues. We have a highly skilled team providing timely issue resolution as part of the RM Assessor Helpdesk which is available up to 7 days a week through examination sessions.